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Automotive Window Tinting
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Detroit Tint Studio is proud to be a local business serving customers in the Greater Detroit Area. When you need automotive window tints and films, we provide options that range from 5% to 70% so that you can have your specific needs met in any situation.
Why choose our team for your window tinting needs? As one of the region’s top providers of tints and films, we are an authorized dealer for many of the industry’s best brands and products. Our extensive inventory ensures that you can get the look and style you want immediately without paying extra to get it.
We service virtually all makes and models in our region. If you live in Troy, Sterling Heights, or somewhere in Oakland County, Rochester Window Tinting can help your vehicle look showroom fresh in under a day.
Are you trying to solve the “where is a tint shop near me” issue today? If so, Detroit Tint Studio has the answers you want! Let us know what you’d like us to do with your vehicular glass, and we’ll create an accurate estimate you can review without any obligation.
Automotive window tinting in Michigan is an affordable aftermarket change that makes sense. If you’re ready for an upgrade, our team can show you how valuable our products and services are for the modern driving experience.


The best window tinting service! Matt is very professional — he’s been doing this a long time and I’m very happy with the way my car turned out. He did an amazing job, my car looks so much better now with the tint installed.

Sahij Mahal

t's pretty cool to watch your vehicle being tinted live. I will 100 percent come back to Matt if I need a window tint and I would 100% recommend him to whoever needs window tinting services etc.

Matt did an outstanding job on my vehicle, and I would recommend him for any and all of your tinting needs. I went with the full ceramic package and couldn't be happier. He also went out of his way to accommodate my schedule and open the shop after-hours so I could grab my forgotten garage door opener.

We appreciate that you’ve visited Detroit Tint Studio. Our service to the Greater Detroit Area is based on one philosophy: we’d rather show you what we can do instead of telling you about our services.
Our goal is relatively straightforward. We want your vehicle to look incredible!
How we accomplish that outcome depends on your preferences. As the authorized dealer for many of today’s leading brands, our supply chain delivers one of the most extensive window film inventories available today. We provide access to each price point so that almost every driver can experience the benefits of our service.
One of today’s best products is a ceramic window film. This product creates a clear view of the road while delivering superior heat and UV reflection capabilities. Although it is a little more expensive than other items, the results are long-lasting and durable.
If ceramic isn’t suitable for you, our certified processes allow today’s top window tints in Michigan to work with most vehicular glass. We follow the state’s laws and guidelines regarding tint application to ensure that your car, truck, van, or SUV is legal on the road.
We appreciate your time! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out whenever you can make a moment. 

FAQ'S about Detroit Tint Studio

We know that window tinting services aren’t always the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning. When you decide that tints or films could be an option for your vehicle, that choice leads to more questions.
Here are some of the most common questions we get when discussing the pros and cons of window tinting in Michigan.
Does my rear defroster work if I get my windows tinted?
​The window films get applied over the defroster lines. That means this resource continues to function as designed. Depending on the situation, you might consider putting some heat on the rear window as you leave to speed up the drying process.

How many film pieces get used for window tinting?

Detroit Tint Studio uses a single film piece for each window unless there is no other way to complete a job. We use this process because it improves your vehicle’s style and appearance while reducing peeling risks. Our well-vetted team is highly experienced, using their time in this industry to deliver a fantastic asset for your car, truck, van, or SUV.
Are there visible gaps between the tint and the edge?
Detroit Tint Studio cuts all films and tents to be the exact size and shape of the window receiving service. This process ensures that you won’t see visible imperfections or gaps when the work is complete.
Can window film be applied in cold or wet weather?
At Detroit Tint Studio, we use indoor application processes to limit the risk of dust or debris from mixing with your selected product. It is possible to apply tints and films in all weather conditions, but it usually takes everything longer to dry when the conditions are not ideal.
How long does it take to apply window tint?
We can finish most window tinting projects on the same day. Depending on your make and model, the work might only take two to three hours. The most significant factor determining how much time is necessary for your investment is the cleanliness of the glass.
The time it takes to apply window tint professionally is often half of what it takes to do the work at home yourself – without the same guarantees that you’d receive from Rochester Window Tinting.
Can I roll down my windows with ceramic window films?
You typically need to keep your windows up for the first 72 hours. Depending on the product selected for your vehicle, that time might get extended to five days. The adhesive needs time to dry, and rolling the windows down too quickly could damage the film or tint.
Does your window film contain metallic particles?
Some window films include metallic particles to reflect more heat and glare away from the vehicle. Although these products are a cost-effective way to create a more temperate driving experience, the metals can interfere with electronic signals. They might even block radio and cellular transmissions.
The best product to install is a ceramic window film. This item guarantees zero interference because it doesn’t contain metal components.
Is there a warranty?
As one of Michigan’s premier window tint installers, we are the authorized dealer in Rochester and the Greater Detroit Area for many of today’s top brands. Although your warranty coverage is often based on the quality selected for your vehicle, most of the items come with some protection.
The best window films in Michigan carry with them a lifetime guarantee.
If we leave an imperfection or defect in your window tint, we’ll correct the problem. Manufacturing issues are covered by the brand. Although wear and tear aren’t part of the guarantee, you’ll find that it is a comprehensive set of protections offered.
Is it legal to drive with tinted windows?
Tinted windows are legal in Michigan. The current statutes were implemented over two decades ago, ensuring that there is consistency across the board for drivers to expect. Some people may qualify for medical exemptions. If your windows are too dark, it is possible to receive a ticket. 

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